What to Expect

Sunday mornings start at 9:00 a.m. with Bible study's.

It's a relaxed environment where together we open our morning with a prayer, we learn and get understanding through group environments. By 10:00 a.m. we all meet in the sanctuary to begin the morning service. As you walk in usually someone will greet you and offer you a bulletin, which contains announcements and as well as names and contact information in case you should need it. 

Our music is as diverse as we are

with modern and traditional songs. If you don't know one,

don't worry, they are projected on the front screen. After some songs comes a time of teaching by the pastor or a guest speaker.

Before you leave we hope you will notice how friendly our community is. If you see Grandma Shelby give her a hug we hope it will brighten your day as much as it does hers. 

Please stay and hang out meeting others before you head home. Some members meet back up for lunch

at some of the local towns for more fellowship. We

encourage you to ask to join so you can get to know us better. Either way, we will be glad you came to visit.