• Nathan Deuschle

    I am proud to say I come from a tight knit Christian family. My wife Kim, our two kids and I live on the family farm, along with my twin brother’s family, my parents and little sister who lives at home while attending college. My mother is a Godly lady who did her best to instill Christian values in her children. As a twin growing up I always had a best friend and playmate. I feel sorry for my parents but we had a great childhood. Our relationship today is still strong and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am a volunteer for the Johnson County Fire Protection District where I hold a position as Lieutenant at my station. I love the Lord with all my heart and desire His will for my life, my family and my church.

    Why Heartland? I love Heartland Church and Heartland Church loves me back. I started attending Heartland in 1995 when my parents decide to switch churches. My brother and I were soon involved with the youth group that was led by Tom and Debbie Deke. This loving couple disciple and loved us with compassion and mercy that directed us along the right and narrow path to Jesus. I owe them more gratitude than I can express in words. Heartland Church has always been a place where I could come to be accepted for who I am (as a sinner) and cared for by Christian brothers and sisters who truly believe in investing in each other to strengthen the body of Christ. Heartland members believe we are a small part of the body of Christ and believe that bonding with other churches and denominations is God honoring by setting aside small differences, relying on the salvation and love that only Jesus Christ can provide. Our youth pastor was my first Sunday school teacher, when he was not much more than a youth himself. Greg desires Gods best for our current youth at Heartland, which my daughter is now a part of. Our pastor, Greg Morris, is a wonderful shepherd, teaching truths directly from the Bible that can be applied in your life today. Brother Greg is an encourager who fans the flames the Holy Spirit has ignited in each of us. If you desire to be connected to a congregation who loves like Christ please come and visit.

    My Passions: My first passion is that I desire a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father revolving around devotional time and living a life that honors Him with my words, actions, attitude and thoughts. One day I wish to hear “well done my good and faithful servant”. Although I don’t always succeed God forgives me and I keep trying. My second passion is my family in which I desire to point them toward Christ. The time we get to spend together is always precious even if it is not always fun or happy times. They are Gods number one gift to me. The family is Gods design for this world and the beginning of His church. My third passion is my church, Heartland, where I serve as a Deacon. I love working with our pastor, staff and ministry council helping steer the church in the direction God intends for us to go. People are Gods most valued resource and they should be our passion in life.

    My Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors, firearms and hunting many types of wild game. I like to ride my motorcycle daily and taking trips. There are few others at Heartland who also ride so it is a great opportunity for fellowship. As you can probably guess I enjoy spending time with my immediate and extended family. I was blessed to marry into a Christian family and my In-laws also attend church at Heartland. They are also a blessing to our family. I also enjoy helping on the farm when I get the chance, spending time with my dad and brother working on projects.

  • Justin Deuschle

    Raised on a farm 9 miles outside of Warrensburg MO, I learned the excellent values of hard work and loving your neighbor – values which are still strong in our rural community today. I graduated from Warrensburg High School in 1999, and went on to earn an Applied Ag Science degree at State Fair Community College. I was a Custom Chemical Applicator and an Iron Worker until 2003 when I was hired by the Kansas City Missouri Fire Department. I have served as a firefighter for the past 9 years. I love to serve the community alongside the best and brightest men and women on the earth. I married my beautiful wife Desiree in 2003; we now have two precious little girls – Faith, 3years old and Hailey, 1 year old.

    Why Heartland: My family began attending Heartland in 1995, just a few years after Heartland formed. I was part of a very active youth group led by Tom and Debbie Deke. I owe a tremendous amount of credit to them for becoming the man I am today. My mother, Ronnie Deuschle, has always led by example and has shown me how to serve the Lord. I have grown in my walk with Jesus Christ an immeasurable amount by loving and serving as a deacon at Heartland Church.

    My Passion: To love and serve the Lord with all I am. To show the love of Jesus by being available to listen, by visiting with those who cannot come or lending a helping hand to those in need. My wife, my soulmate, my best friend of 9 years and my daughters, my bundles of joy – my heart is in their hands. My family – always there to love and support me when I need it most.

    My Hobbies: Working hand in hand with my Dad on the farm nearly every day, doing what needs to be done. Riding my motorcycle - I have had the opportunity to ride with the Christian Motorcycle Association as well as the Patriot Guard.

  • Ben Berislavich

    Hello, I’m Ben. Kendy and I met in college, married ten years ago in August. We have three girls, Lucy is 9, Jenna is 5, and Corrie is 3. I am a member of the Missouri Army National Guard, 14 years served coming this December.

    I remember clearly in 2004 the moment Jesus took hold of my life. I was driving for Penny’s Concrete and a fellow driver we appropriately called “Preacher” asked if he could pray with me on my last day of work before I deployed to Iraq. Right then is where my story begins. Praise God that’s not where it ends. Ever since then He has been molding, shaping, teaching and leading me to be the man he sees in me. I’ve made many mistakes along the way that he has forgiven, I’m a long way from where I need to be, but by the grace of God I am not who I once was. 

    Why Heartland? I can’t put into words all the events that took place to lead us here to Heartland. All I know is this is where God has called us to be, and I have never once doubted that this is home.


    Passions:      I am passionate about being a light in this dark world. God has given me the opportunity to serve him alongside my brothers and sisters in arms serving our country. I am also passionate about being the man God wants me to be , with the family he provided to me. I have the great opportunity to be a husband and a father, and I pray daily that I do both to the best of my ability. 


    Hobbies: I have many interests. First and foremost I am interested in sustainable living. I enjoy gardening, renewable energy, and using what God has given us to its full benefits. I also enjoy all guns, anything having to do with guns, and shooting them. Motorcycles. Automotive repair, ( really anything that requires moving parts or electricity to work). And camping. The most favorite thing I enjoy is doing any of the above mentioned things with my girls. 

    2 Corinthians 5: 17. Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.