Desiree Deuschle Sunday School Director

Why Heartland?

I have attended Heartland Church for 14 yrs. I started attending as a youth and felt at home. Through the years the people change, but the warm smiles and comforting hugs never stop. This is a place where you can come and worship, pray, and fellowship and know people truly care about you!

Sunday School classes and their teachers:

Birth - 2yrs As needed

2yrs - 4yrs

4yrs - 2nd grade Dee and Keith Rhinehart

2nd grade - 5th grade Angie Lawson

Youth 6th - 12th grade Karen Howard and Greg Colliver

20yrs - 50yrs Vicky and Phil Brant

50yrs and up Charles Brant

* At Heartland we want you to pick a class that you would feel comfortable attending.